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Articles by J. Hugh McEvoy (Chef J)

Gluten-free: Opportunities and Challenges -- August 2007

August 12, 2007
The number of people looking for gluten-free food products is increasing, and those who suffer from celiac disease make up only part of that group.
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Cuban Cuisine: On Trend and Coming Fast! - April 2007

April 8, 2007
The media attention accompanying Cuba’s eventual change in government will dovetail nicely with a red-hot interest in Hispanic foods. Because of its unique political circumstances, Cuban fare has resisted “culinary drift,” and its culinary traditions may be one of the most “pure” Caribbean cuisines left.
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Culinary Formulations: Worlds of Flavor: Culinary Science Takes Center Stage -- February 2007

February 2, 2007
"Spain and the World" served as the agenda for this year's Worlds of Flavor Conference, as chefs from around the globe examined the cutting-edge of culinary trends. However, Spanish/Hispanic cuisine was far from the only topic, as new and developing restaurant trends highlighted the event, with molecular cuisine garnering particular attention.

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The Evolution of Mexican Cuisine

October 1, 2006
Over the past two decades, many factors have combined to change American consumers’ perceptions about Mexican food and to direct their tastes toward more authentic variations.
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Chefs Spotlight Global Food Trends

November 1, 2005
Chefs from all over the world gathered at the recent ACF national convention in Texas to learn about four major food trends. One chef defines and explains what he calls “ meta- trends”: authenticity, ethicality, food security, and exotica and indulgence.
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Customers Crave Flavor First

August 1, 2005
The way into consumers' hearts is by making authentic, full-fat and delicious desserts. Whittling out fat, carbs and calories does not fool them one bit.
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Ingredient Challenges: The Chef's Edge: Rice and Pasta: Grains Flavored with Flair

June 1, 2005
When the most recent fad diets hit, carbohydrates went into hiding. Consumers did not want them, and developers steered clear of them. With those diets now in the rearview mirror, carbohydrate-rich products resume their rightful place on American menus.
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Ingredient Challenges: The Chef's Edge: Food Lab vs. Test Kitchen: Art or Science?

May 1, 2005
It is tempting to claim that either chefs or food developers are the dominating force behind a good-tasting, well-received prepared food. However, at a local meeting of the IFT, food professionals agreed that it takes both camps to make a product consumers find inviting.
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Ingredient Challenges: The Chef's Edge<br>Tomorrow's Forecast: Chefs Pick Next Trends

February 1, 2005
Every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, millions of customer focus groups are taking place the world over. Every night, America's top chefs are hard at work analyzing a huge amount of data: what was ordered, what was eaten and what was not eaten. Their observations set tomorrow's trends.
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From Haute Cuisine to High Profits

November 1, 2004
Chefs of the venerable American Culinary Federation create tomorrow's restaurant trends; they provide hints to future food manufacturing opportunities.
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