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PF Our Viewpoints
Your favorite Prepared Foods' editors dish out their expert opinions on recent trends in Our Viewpoints. David Feder, Bob Garrison and Billy Roberts each have their own unique insights to help you keep up with the ever changing food and beverage industry.

Frozen Food Nutrition

The American Frozen Food Institute’s Frozen Food Roundtable initiative challenges “fresh” perceptions, promotes frozen food nutrition research.
February 17, 2014
Maybe it’s because -- for 22 years -- I wrote exclusively about refrigerated and frozen foods.
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Food Truck Cuisine

Culinary creativity is taking a new direction (on the road) and perhaps is the most exciting cuisine narrative of the coming year.
January 23, 2014
A new year brings optimism, and optimism appears abundant as the food industry heads into 2014.
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Have a Coke and a Smile

April 19, 2013
A couple of months ago, the courts ruled against the esteemed Mayor Bloomberg of New York in re: the ban against the sale of soft drinks larger than 16oz. This ignited some interesting debates within the nutrition communication industry (and don’t kid yourself—it is an industry).
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Fancy That

January 30, 2013

Returning from 2013 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco is a challenge, if for no other reason than the abundance of information and products on display.

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A Land of Milk, Honey…and Nutraceuticals

Part Two: From Paradise
October 23, 2012

Welcome to Part Two of the report on my tour of Israel’s food, beverage and nutritional ingredient and supplement industries. In Part One, I wrote about the impressive achievements of the tiny island of Western-oriented progress in the Middle East that is Israel. When it comes to the manufacturing, research and development of foods, beverages, supplements and ingredients—Israel is on par with—and in some cases (such as food safety) even ahead of many such operations in North America. With a population less than half that of Greater New York City, and in an area about the size of Delaware, the Israelis have embraced progress as a second religion.

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A Land of Milk, Honey…and Nutraceuticals

September 25, 2012
This summer, I found myself touring of some of Israel’s food, beverage and nutritional ingredient and supplement industries, courtesy of the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, and this is the first of my three part report on this Western-oriented island in the middle of the Levant.
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Sessions Work

July 19, 2012
At the annual Food Marketing Institute (FMI) conference, held in my home town of Dallas April 30-May 3, I recognized more than ever how much of the food industry relies on packaging – just as much as processing.
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Remember the Alamo

May 23, 2012
This year’s annual Research Chef Association meeting was held in my home state, Texas, but in a part of Texas I egregiously bypass with shameful consistency: San Antonio.
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Free Time

May 16, 2012
Any allergen-free efforts must not be done halfway.
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Residents along the Gulf Coast are all too familiar with the notion of dirty water. . .

Love That Dirty Water?

April 30, 2012
While "Dirty Water" is a great song, residents along the Gulf Coast are all too familiar with the notion of dirty water, courtesy of the oil spill in 2010.
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