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Bryant Ison
Managing Director
Sterling-Rice Group


Bryant Ison is a Managing Director heading up the Health and Wellness practice for the Sterling-Rice Group - a Boulder, CO based advertising and consulting agency. Prior, Bryant was the Chief Marketing Officer for Columbia Care, one of the largest multi-state operators of medical cannabis and CBD products. Bryant has over 18 years of brand marketing experience working on some of the world’s most iconic brands such as Pepsi, Band-Aid and Clorox Bleach. Prior to Columbia Care Bryant was at PepsiCo where he led the Global Aquafina Water brand and launched numerous drinks innovations as well as a super-premium Overnight Oats brand named Makers Oats. Prior to PepsiCo, Bryant spent a number of years at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies where he not only worked on brands such as Band-Aid and K-Y but he won a Gold Lion at Cannes and many other awards for a groundbreaking augmented reality app called Band-Aid Magic Vision. While on the K-Y brand Bryant was instrumental in guiding the brand to a new “intimacy” focused positioning which tripled the brand size over 3 years and opened new directions for breakthrough innovation. Prior to J&J, Bryant worked at the Clorox Company where he developed and launched the Clorox Bleach Pen. Bryant’s early career started in the U.S. Peace Corps where he lived in the West African country of Mali and worked with small entrepreneurs to found and grow their fledgling businesses. Bryant has an MBA from the University of Michigan Business School and a B.S. in Biology from the University of Utah.


Packaging Priorities: Building Brands Consumers Love and Trust

We ask a lot of our cannabis food and beverage packaging. This session will be led by Bryant Ison, who has held senior marketing and innovation roles at PepsiCo, J&J, and The Clorox Co., and most recently served as CMO at Columbia Care, where he built its multi-million dollar CBD and cannabis brands across retail, consumer and product development. He’ll illustrate pathways toward targeted cannabis edibles and beverages product development, including:


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