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Hope Frahm
Corporate Chef
Love's Oven, LLC


Hope Frahm is the Corporate Chef of Love’s Oven located in Denver, Colorado. She came to her position in August of 2013. Before Love’s Oven, Hope expanded her knowledge by working in several fields before discovering her passion for baking. One of these fields including working as a mechanic when an unfortunate accident burned thirty five percent of her body, including the inside of her mouth and numbing her sense of taste. Enjoying challenges and hard work, Hope enrolled in the Art Institute of Las Vegas International Culinary School baking a pastry program. During culinary school, she began working for Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro as a chef de partie. She strengthened her pastry skills further by working at Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio before moving to Denver. At Love’s Oven, Hope is responsible for developing retail and medical marijuana infused products, out of state expansion product development, and training. In her spare time, she enjoys onewheeling and spending time with her life partner Walter and her dog and cats, Potato, Mr. Eko, and Mantequilla.


Cannabis Baked Goods Industry Growth

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, we are seeing definite patterns emerge when examining consumers’ purchasing habits. Today’s consumers are beginning to look for more functional products in the cannabis space, as well as mainstream purchasing. We have seen diminishing sales of baked goods over the last 7 years and are challenged to create new products to allow the baked goods segment of the cannabis industry to stay relevant. Topics covered in this session will include:

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