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Peggy Moore
Owner & Chief Executive Officer
Love's Oven, LLC


Peggy Moore is the majority owner and Chief Executive Officer of Love’s Oven, LLC, a medical and retail marijuana-infused products manufacturer located in Denver, CO, with distribution to 400+ locations throughout the state. She also serves as the Board Chair for the Colorado Cannabis Manufacturers Association and participates in various state and local industry workgroups.
Love’s Oven was founded in 2009 and Peggy joined the team as an investor/advisor in 2011. In May of 2014, Peggy retired after 33 years from an illustrious career in the highly regulated health insurance industry with United Health Group where she held two primary positions—one as Director of Operations where she led post-merger/acquisition operational integration projects for the past 15 years and also managed claim and customer service operations for the first 17 years of her career.
One accomplishment in the cannabis industry that Peggy is most proud of is being one of the first manufacturers in the industry to build the Love’s Oven infused products manufacturing facility in Colorado to full FDA compliance ahead of federal regulation.


Cannabis Baked Goods Industry Growth

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, we are seeing definite patterns emerge when examining consumers’ purchasing habits. Today’s consumers are beginning to look for more functional products in the cannabis space, as well as mainstream purchasing. We have seen diminishing sales of baked goods over the last 7 years and are challenged to create new products to allow the baked goods segment of the cannabis industry to stay relevant. Topics covered in this session will include:

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