A whey protein isolate (WPI) manufactured with a novel chilling or low-temperature micro-filtration process offers formulators an ingredient with a clean flavor and undenatured or undamaged proteins. This WPI, Iso Chill 9000 by Trega Foods, is an excellent source of protein for protein-enriched foods such as beverages, energy bars and low-carbohydrate or diabetic foods. It has high-solubility and good acid and heat-stable properties. The chilling technique combines the functional properties of whey proteins and phospholipids to provide good solubility, gelling, aeration, emulsification and browning properties. WPIs have received much attention in the area of nutrition because their high amino acid levels provide an elevated nutritional content, and their proteins offer bioactive properties. Research has shown that--among other things--they allow people to lose weight by aiding with satiety, help the elderly maintain muscle and aid in maintaining lean muscle mass. Trega Foods, Jason Arendt, 920-788-2115, ext. 1236, jasonarendt@tregafoods.com