Food manufacturers looking for ways to educate their consumers may be in luck, if a new product from Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati) is any indication. A new technology allows the company to print designs on its Pringles snack crisps.

Billed as Pringles Prints, the potato crisps will feature a unique design on every crisp, featuring words and images in a variety of colors printed directly on the chip.

An indication of the marketing possibilities inherent in the new technology is evidenced by the initial offerings of Pringles to hit store shelves. Procter & Gamble is teaming with entertainment product company Hasbro (Pawtucket, R.I.) to feature questions and answers from Trivial Pursuit Junior categories randomly printed on Pringles Prints. The 2,400 trivia questions and answers will be pulled from six different categories--Today & Tomorrow, Music, Movies, Nature, Yesterday, and Whatever--and will be printed using red and blue food coloring.