In its look at “What's Hot Around the Globe” report, ACNielsen (New York) has presented a range of insights into the growth of food and beverage categories. The report is a continuation of the company's series identifying the categories experiencing the fastest growth around the globe. It focuses on retail purchases in 59 countries spanning Asia Pacific, the “Emerging Markets,” Europe, Latin America and North American. These countries account for over 93% of the world's gross domestic product. The data ranges from across 89 food and beverage categories.

The report finds the aggregated sales value of these categories grew by a meager 4% versus one year ago. Interestingly, while strong growth was seen in soy-based drinks (31%), drinkable yogurts (19%) and eggs (16%), a few categories showed declines. Of the 24 fastest-growing categories, however, 75% of them are related to diet and health.

As such, ACNielsen's study has identified three key trends common around the globe: a continued focus on health, the need for convenience and the growing impact of private label. At Prepared Foods' New Products Conference, Jane Perrin, managing director with ACNielsen, will present an in-depth exploration of “What's Hot Around the Globe,” a landmark study analyzing sales and trend data.

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