Arecent survey by the NPD Group (Port Washington, N.Y.) finds men and women differ only slightly in their food choices. In addition, despite all the press surrounding low-carb dieting, eating healthfully and anti-obesity efforts, their restaurant favorites are hamburgers, fries and pizza.

While mostly in control of determining which restaurant to frequent, women place many of the same orders as men, as burgers and fries were most often chosen by both. The fairer sex may prefer the pair a bit less, but they still purchase them at roughly the same rate as men, says the report. Even Mad Cow fears bore little effect upon their beef-eating patterns, although the report did note the availability of salads as a means of attracting women at a wider variety of restaurants.

Women are more apt to order such lighter options as poultry and fish, while men will seek out more red meat, on average. The NPD data say adult women are 71% more likely to order a turkey sandwich for dinner and 43% more likely to order a side salad.

Men, on the other hand, will more likely order chopped steak (64%), wings (58%) and a bacon cheeseburger (55%). In addition, the NRA says men will eat out more often than women, 20 times a month versus about 16.

While eating out costs roughly three times as much as preparing food at home, consumers have no problem leaving the preparation to someone else. Women like the availability of healthful, nutritious food (74%), a factor of importance to only 56% of men.