A fun and nutritious snack treat now is available to Canadian consumers from Stream Foods. As part of the Fruit Bowl collection, Fruit Flakes are strawberry-flavored flakes made with more than two times their own weight of real fruit. They are concentrated and formed into small pieces that then are coated with real yogurt. This treat boosts energy levels and can be found in supermarkets.

In the Philippines, Nestle is giving consumers more ice cream topping choices with its latest product launch. This take-home, classic chocolate ice cream in a tub boasts a selection of four separate toppings: multi-colored sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, mini-white mallows, and mini-colored mallows. The toppings are packaged in a four-compartment insert plastic tray, which sits on top of the ice cream.

Well-known chocolate brands continue to extend into all kinds of formats and sizes, from snacking sizes (e.g., KitKat Kubes) to bar formats for non-bar lines (e.g., Smarties bar). The latest such brand to extend into a new format is Lion from Nestle. In France, the new tablet version still contains the familiar milk chocolate, caramel and cereal crisps.

The cold breakfast cereal market has made many attempts to stem competition from alternative breakfast items such as cereal bars and pastries, including the addition of newer and more interesting flavor varieties (e.g., Lion countline flavored cereal from Nestlé), and through more convenient formats (e.g., Kellogg's Fjølk & Cornflakes twin-pot line in Austria and Germany). A recent flavor addition has been inspired by Africa. While tropical/Caribbean-style muesli and cereals are available in some areas, African-style lines remain somewhat limited. The new Saveurs d'Afrique variety is available in France from Antartic II under the Reva brand. It contains a mix of cereals, dates, raisins, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and honey clusters.