Consumers gave "two spoons up" for the flavor and functionality of a new probiotic yogurt formulated with acid whey powder (AWP). Dairy Management Inc.[tm] (DMI)--funded by America's Dairy Farmers[r]--conducted a consumer panel of both frequent and sporadic yogurt eaters and received highly positive results.

Rajiv Dave, associate professor of dairy science at South Dakota State University (Brookings, S.D.), leveraged dairy farmer funding to develop the process for using acid whey solids from cottage cheese production to replace a portion of the nonfat dry milk in fermented dairy products such as yogurt. Acid whey--rich in peptides and amino acids--enhances yogurt by acting as a prebiotic that stimulates the growth of healthy probiotic bacteria, thereby strengthening yogurt's appeal to a nation of increasingly health-conscious consumers.

"Acid whey has a high concentration of calcium, which is important for building bones," says Dave. "It also contains predigested nitrogen, which can improve the growth and viability of helpful bacteria found in probiotic yogurt."

Panelists evaluated strawberry-flavored samples of yogurt formulated with varying levels of AWP. The strawberry-flavored sample with 1.9% AWP stood up the best to the control in acidity, appearance, body and texture, and flavor while providing additional nutritional value.

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