Pre-packaged breakfast meals are on the rise, as several major brands add microwaveable sandwiches to their lineups. Lender's (Aurora Foods—St. Louis), which for years only made bagels, and then branched out to make its own cream cheese brand in 2002, now has Breakfast Bagel Sandwiches. Sold frozen, these sandwiches are available in Egg, Cheese & Bacon; Egg & Cheese; Egg, Cheese & Ham; and Sausage, Egg & Cheese varieties—making it easy to skip the drive-through in the morning.

Launching in club stores is Jimmy Dean Food's (Newbern, Tenn.) Omelets. Microwaveable in two minutes and individually wrapped, an eight-count box of Ham & Cheese Omelets retails for about $8. A new product from Filled Bagel Industries (Sunrise, Fla.) is a “whole new way to eat bagels.” The baked bagels are in a bar shape and injected with real cream cheese. They can be eaten cold or heated in the microwave and are available in plain, blueberry, strawberry and cinnamon brown sugar flavors. The product is similar in nature to a Kellogg's (Battle Creek, Mich.) Nutri-Grain product launched earlier this year, which featured a yogurt center.