Bagels for Squares

If consumers ever felt a lack of choice when it came to their sandwich bread, a new product from Thomas' offers a different option. A breakfast favorite for many, the bagel has a new shape in Thomas' Squares Bagelbread.

The uniquely square-shaped bagel is said to combine the classic flavor of a bagel with the soft texture of bread. The square shape matches the shape of most deli meats and fits easily into any toaster and sandwich bag, Thomas' assures.

The varieties include plain, Everything, and 100% Whole Wheat, all three low in fat and with no trans fats. The 100% Whole Wheat variety provides 57g of whole grains (equivalent to a 3.5oz serving, more than the 3g daily requirement) and 8g of fiber (32% of the daily recommended fiber intake).

In addition to the possibilities of square bagels as dinner rolls and sandwich bread, Thomas' also suggests uses as pizza bases, appetizers and garlic bread.

Boning Up

The American Dental Association (ADA) has been at odds with bottled water for some time. The problem centers around fluoride, more specifically the lack of it in most bottled waters. The ADA “supports the labeling of bottled water with the fluoride concentration of the product and company contact information,” according to a position statement on its website.

Now, fluoride is being added to an increasing number of bottled waters, particularly those aimed at children. Nestlé Waters North America, for instance, has launched a fluoridated lunchbox-sized version of its popular spring water brands.

Fluoride is not the only water addition garnering attention, however. Sanfaustino Calcium Water, for instance, delivers about 45% of the adult recommended daily allowance for calcium in each 1L bottle of its flavored water. That line now has expanded to include such flavors as lemon, lime, mandarin orange and raspberry lime.

Odwalla Meets Omega

Fortifying foods and beverages with omega-3 fatty acids is certainly nothing new. In fact, it was one of last year's biggest trends and shows no signs of slowing.

Odwalla has joined the mix of omega fans with a new Odwalla Soymilk, which combines organic soybeans, soluble fiber inulin and omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The beverage is available in three new 64oz varieties—plain, Vanilla Being and Choc-ahh-lot. The soymilk contains 32mg per serving of DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid and important brain nutrient, Odwalla notes. The recommended daily value of DHA is 160mg.

Furthermore, the plain and Vanilla Being flavors contain 7g and 6.25g of soy protein per 8oz serving, respectively. In addition, all flavors of Odwalla soymilk contain 30% of the 200mg Daily Value for calcium.

Brushing Up

According to theChicago Tribune, U.S. Army developers at the Navy's Great Lakes base north of Chicago are working on a plaque-fighting gum that could replace brushing for soldiers in the field for extended periods of time.

Colonel Dennis Runyan, commander of the Army Dental and Trauma Research Detachment at the Navy base, explains that dental emergencies can have a significant effect on combat readiness. Some studies estimate 15%-20% of soldiers have such an emergency every year.

Runyan notes the gum is still several years away from application, but its active ingredient is an anti-microbial peptide known as KSL. The peptide likely will be classified as a drug and, therefore, need FDA approval. Gum, researchers contend, is the best delivery method for a couple of reasons: it is light and easy to carry, plus it can be augmented with other helpful ingredients, such as an abrasive to help scrub away plaque.