Boxing Match

The Stouffer's Corner Bistro family of products has a new member—panini (Italian for small bread). Available in Southwest-style Chicken, Smoked Turkey Club, Philly-style Steak & Cheese, and Grilled Chicken Italian varieties, the sandwiches are packaged with a grilling tray that keeps the bakery-style bread crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. For added convenience, after the panini is removed from the box, it also serves as a platform for the grilling tray while in the microwave. They are created using select meats and cheeses, and manage to combine gourmet quality with convenience.

Similar packaging augments Stouffer's Lean Cuisine Casual Eating Classics line of pizzas and panini sandwiches. The former range crisps on the package's silver surface in the microwave, while the latter grill similarly to the Corner Bistro products.

Double or Nothing

Bland waffles beware! Kellogg's Eggo Flip Flops are on the prowl and sure to be a hit among consumers. These waffles feature a brown sugar flavor on one side and a cinnamon flavor on the other.

In addition to the flavor medley, this product contains nine vitamins and minerals and is claimed to be an excellent source of calcium. Flip Flops are kosher dairy and can be consumed in numerous ways, either stacked in layers or split in half for a different flavor appeal. They are sold in packages of eight and can be prepared in a toaster or a conventional oven.

An 'Egg'cellent Idea

Now that the entire world seems strapped for time and convenience has been embedded into almost all aspects of life, it is no surprise that the food industry would perhaps be the largest target. From microwaveable pizza to yogurt tubes to go, grocery shelves seemingly had seen it all. Now for the exception that proves the rule: Trader Joe's Quick Scrambled Egg Whites.

Housed in individual microwaveable plastic tubs, these egg whites are free of fat and cholesterol. So, consumers on the go can just shake, heat and enjoy scrambled egg whites within minutes. Wait, though, where is the bacon in the self-heating container? It is probably in the works!

Good to the Last Grain

For those looking to eat healthier but unwilling to

sacrifice flavor and taste, American Italian Pasta offers Heartland Multi Grain Penne Pasta. This side dish is all-natural

and has a good source of essential nutrients and fiber. It offers balanced nutrition, as it is derived from seven whole grains, and has a toasty, nutty flavor.

Additionally, the kosher pasta meets the American Heart Association's food criteria for saturated fat, cholesterol and whole grains for healthy people over the age of two. The packaging features a recipe utilizing this whole-grain pasta and is touted as a great substitute for all meals requiring pasta.

Packaging that Pops

Formerly dubbed Corn Pops (and years prior to that, Sugar Pops), Kellogg's has relaunched its classic cereal as simply Pops. Made with the same formula of sweetened, popped corn cereal, it now sports a new pack design—four different versions to be exact—that reflects individual style and attitude.

Hip Hop, Gaming, Snow and Skate themes round out the collection, each emblazoned with exciting graphics and lettering. This is just one of many efforts by the company to bring its classic brands back to life with new urban flare. After all, consumers “gotta have their Pops!"


Some consumers like to drink beer straight from the can, a practical way to enjoy a drink on the go, without the need for a glass. However, there is always the risk and concern the can is not completely clean, and some pollutants on the top of the can may contaminate the drink. As a solution, Cervezas Alhambra in Spain repackaged its beer range in cans featuring an additional peel-able top cover that protects the top of the can until the beer is ready to drink. This simple solution can be adapted to any type of can—from beers to soft drinks. Similar products have emerged in Latin America, but this is a first for Europe.

Nestlé in Japan continues to innovate on the traditional KitKat format—changing flavors, coating the wafer fingers with yogurt rather than chocolate, even expanding the range with premium variants, especially for adults. The latest extension to the range, however, still comes as somewhat of a surprise; Crispy Story is essentially a KitKat without the trademark embossed chocolate outer coating, available in a pack of four pieces.

Everyone may dream to own a tree that grows chocolate, but what about a whole chocolate tree? Schokoladenbaum Versandkonditorei in Germany launched Schokoladenbaum, a three-dimensional tree made entirely from the finest chocolate made to Belgian recipes.

SC Enterprises in Germany has a solution to unpleasant breath whilst out drinking—St. Sin No 1, a dextrose sweet said to neutralize alcohol odor on the breath within 30 seconds. This neutralization then continues to work until more alcohol is consumed. The company claims this is the first food product of its type—actually working at the source of the smell rather than masking it.

In Spain, Embutidos Frial introduced FrialVida, a cooked ham with Vidalim, a patented ingredient comprising a blend of omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants (such as rosemary extracts, vitamin E and others). Vidalim is said to balance the ratio of omega-6:omega-3 in the meat, providing an antioxidant benefit. It also claims to contribute to the prevention of chronic diseases. This is an interesting product, as it is not only a functional processed meat (still fairly uncommon), but also one with a patented branded ingredient.

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