Smooth and Creamy

A new cost-effective stabilizer that blends carrageenan and konjac, adds smooth texture and creamy mouthfeel, and reduces syneresis in dairy and soy-based products. Gum Technology's Coyote Brand Stabilizer VPB-R is ideal in yogurt and mousse and does not affect the flavor profile. VPB-R is often used as a replacement for agar and is not as vulnerable to supply shortages. Gum Tech,

Very Cherry

One of the oldest agricultural fruits still provides one of the world's most popular flavors. Cherry flavors from Robertet range from sweet to sour, reflecting the broad spectrum of cherries cultivated throughout the world. Whether the application calls for the tart taste of Morello or Montmorency, or sweet flavors like Bing, Robertet brings the distinctive flavors of cherries to everything from confections to pharmaceuticals. Robertet Flavors, 732-961-8300,

Trends to You

David Michael offers trend information and assistance in product development, providing everything from ideation to sensory and consumer testing. With three chefs on staff, the company is prepared to talk chef-to-chef. Additionally, through the collaborative efforts of its marketing and sensory & consumer research departments, the company can provide comprehensive trend information on all food and beverage categories, even providing a custom presentation to formulators. David Michael is more than a flavor company. David Michael & Co., Erin O'Donnell, 215-632-3100,,

Cracker Jack

A new addition to a full line of breadcrumbs, batters and breadings gives the traditional crunch of cracker meal to fried or baked applications. Cracker Meal from Southeastern Mills Inc. offers superior performance with fish, chicken, shrimp or vegetables, and can be combined with other seasonings for unique flavor combinations. Cracker Meal is available in a wide range of granulations to fit product formulation requirements. Southeastern Mills Inc., George Manak, 800-334-4468, ext. 159

The Art of Flavorful Food

Looking to the future with a renewed emphasis on authentic flavor and extraordinary quality, a major food flavor developer has launched a new flavor system as well as a new line of flavor bases. Savory Roasted™ bases by Custom Culinary are developed with the expertise of on-staff expert chefs, and address the demands of culinary professionals for what they really want in a food base--authentic flavor. The acquisition of DM Foods by Custom Culinary in November 2005 helped expand the company's capabilities, adding new products and systems. Custom Culinary, Sara Heuvelman, 708-784-0542,

Extracting Flavor

New quality extracts give an extra kick to recipes for both industrial and home kitchens. Nielsen Massey's Pure Chocolate Extract perks up breakfast oatmeal and adds a mocha note to coffee, while Pure Orange and Pure Lemon add tart, citrusy flavors without adding acidity. And Pure Almond Extract gives sweet nuttiness to fruit breads, syrups and pastries. Nielsen Massey also provides Point of Purchase Recipe Tear Pads to retailers to showcase Pure Extract tips, hints and recipes for their customers. Nielsen Massey, 800-525-7873,