Texture is a key sensory aspect that determines food enjoyment. There are many reasons why manufacturers substitute textured soy protein concentrates and flours into snacks, meat, poultry and fish. Beyond increasing yields, textured proteins can reduce saturated fat and add important minerals, vitamins, fibers and polyunsaturated fats.

Solbar Ind. Ltd. has an extensive line of textured soy proteins and textured soy concentrates that provides food manufacturers with soy products that are distinct from its competitors. Solbar's texturized soy proteins are cholesterol-free and low in fat. They contain amino acids essential to human nutritional requirements for growth, body maintenance and physical stress, and are a particularly good source of lysine.

Solbar's line offers a large selection of shapes and sizes, characterized by their bland color and flavor profiles, high water absorption and adhesion, which can cultivate good mouthfeel. Additionally, textured soy concentrates are available in neutral or caramel colors.

Bontex, Solbar's new family of unique, steam-textured soy proteins, is available in a variety of colors and flavors (savory and sweet). The Whole Matrix Flavoring (WMF) process makes Bontex unique because flavors and colors are fully blended into the soy flour during texturization and not after the fact. Compared to extruded proteins, steam-textured proteins achieve puffy expanded pieces, minced and fine particles. Bontex also is gluten-free and can be hydrated rapidly to two to three times its weight in hot water.

Solbar's Contex comes in a wide range of extruded flakes, granulates and small chunks. Contex is designed for meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian applications. It is high in protein (69% min. mfb), rich in fiber, cholesterol-free and has extremely low sodium and fat contents. Contex absorbs natural flavors released by meat during cooking, while retaining structural properties during heat processing and freezing.

Solbar Ind. Ltd. is expanding its distribution channels worldwide to provide a full range of specialty functional soy protein concentrates, isolates and textured products. France, Benelux, Scandinavia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland are only a few of the countries where Solbar has contracted distribution partnerships in an effort to standardize its products, provide customers with excellent technical service and enforce strict quality control of raw materials.

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