Cracker from Peanut Flour

August 19/Food Business Week -- According to a study from the U.S., "Baked snack crackers were successfully created with it flour mixture containing peanut, wheat and rice flours. The following flavors were evaluated in the product: cheddar cheese. garlic, blackened Cajun, and Italian. These varieties. as well as five popular commercial wheat-based crackers, were all compared with an unflavored peanut flour cracker (control) via nutritional analysis and instrumental measurements of color and texture properties."

"Sensory evaluation of peanut flour cracker varieties was conducted to determine consumer acceptability. Peanut flour crackers were higher in protein and dietary fiber and lower in total carbohydrate content than the commercial crackers. Color values for peanut flour crackers were significantly affected by the addition of flavored powders, but the color of the basic peanut flour cracker was similar to the commercial crackers in the study. Texture evaluation determined that the peanut flour crackers were consistently softer than the commercial crackers. Sensory, evaluation determined that the cheddar cheese-flavored peanut flour crackers were liked best by consumers, as indicated by high hedonic ratings. All other varieties were rated favorably except for those with Italian seasoning, which were slightly disliked," wrote B.M. Howard and colleagues, University of Georgia.

The researchers concluded, "Overall, a cracker made with peanut flour is a promising consumer product with enhanced nutrition."

Howard and colleagues published their study in Cereal Foods World ("Formulation and Evaluation of Snack Crackers Made with Peanut Flour." Cereal Foods World, 2009;54(4):166-171).

For more information, contact B.M. Howard, University of Georgia, Dept. of Food Science & Technology, Griftin, GA.

From the August 31, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition