Good Eggs
America’s egg farmers are proud to announce the “Good Egg Project,” an initiative program that aims to educate Americans on modern egg farming, introduce them to the farmers that care for the hens and the eggs they produce, and encourage people to eat well and do good everyday. While egg farmers donate more than 12 million eggs per year to charities across the nation, the need for food in America’s food banks continues to grow. Egg farmers are asking people to join the fight against hunger by taking the Good Egg Project pledge to “Eat Good. Do Good Everyday.” For every pledge taken on, America’s egg farmers will donate one egg to Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger relief charity, up to one million eggs. America’s Egg Farmers,

A New Phase
A new take on a popular carbohydrate controller has a more neutral flavor profile and is more soluble in beverage applications. Pharmachem Laboratories’ Phase 2® K (potassium) is an updated version of its Phase 2 Carb Controller™ and is particularly well-suited for powdered beverage and RTD applications, says the company. The first white bean extract shown to reduce digestion and absorption of dietary starches, the company says it is the only weight-control ingredient with two structure-function claims: “May reduce the enzymatic digestion of dietary starches;” and “May assist in weight control, when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and weight-control program.” Pharmachem Laboratories,

Reduce Sodium and Fat
A line of stock bases is claimed to enable food developers to simultaneously reduce costs, as well as fat and sodium levels. Advanced Food Systems’ Chef-Ready® Stock Bases can be used to make reduced-sodium and/or reduced-fat seasoning blends, soups, sauces, gravies, fillings and marinades for tumbling or injecting. They provide the full-flavor and mouthfeel profiles of chicken, beef, turkey, seafood and a variety of vegetables. Containing up to 25% less sodium and significantly lower in fat than traditional bases, they help reduce costs, because they are dry powders that require no refrigerated storage, according to AFS. Advanced Food Systems Inc., 800-787-3067,

Grain that Sustains
Caremoli Group is announcing the expansion of its CareGrain™ line to now include pre-cooked, whole Sustagrain® kernels, a proprietary, ultra-high fiber, whole-grain ingredient from U.S.-based ConAgra Mills. ConAgra has granted Caremoli Group rights to use its Sustagrain trademark with these pre-cooked, whole Sustagrain kernels for distribution in Europe and the U.S. This partnership enhances Caremoli’s CareGrain portfolio, which includes other cooked grains and legumes, by offering a unique fiber tool to capitalize on the growing demand for healthier, nutritious foods. Sustagrain is a proprietary, identity-preserved, natural barley variety that offers the highest fiber content of any commercially available whole grain, says the company. Caramoli Group, 515-233-1255, , ConAgra Mills,

Not Just for Popeye
Consumers value spinach and its health benefits, but with food safety concerns related to leafy greens, a spinach product must be operationally superior and safe. Gilroy Food and Flavors™ has the solution: new Controlled Moisture™ (CM) Spinach. With far less water than IQF or fresh, CM Spinach makes kitchen mishaps—from soggy sandwiches to watery eggs--a thing of the past, according to the company. And, says Gilroy, because CM Spinach undergoes a validated kill step, it is safe to eat--straight from the package. With no need for thawing or heating, it can go right from the freezer to formulation. Gilroy Foods & Flavors,

Amazing Starch
New clinical research found a resistant starch kept healthy subjects satisfied and helped them consume fewer calories later in the day. A University of Surrey, U.K., study found the addition of National Starch’s Hi-maize resistant starch to breakfast and lunch meals resulted in significantly fewer calories being consumed at the next meal and over 24 hours, compared to control meals delivering equal amounts of energy and glycemic carbohydrates. This latest study adds to the growing body of evidence demonstrating the benefits of Hi-maize resistant starch in hunger, weight and glycemic management, according to the company. National Starch Food Innovation, 866-961-6285, or

Seasonal Effects
One company has a convenient and easy way to add the tastes of the winter season to baked goods. SensoryEffects® Inclusions’ delivery system traps flavors and aromas in the matrix until the inclusions melt (~120°F), at which time they are released into the baked good. This means more flavor and aroma in the final product. SensoryEffects are an easy way to add a new flavor twist and are available in different sizes and shapes. Flavors include Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon, Maple, Pear, Cranberry, Asiago Cheese, Yam and more. SensoryEffects Inclusions, 800-957-3130,

Color with Confidence
One company has responded to consumers’ demands for natural products and processors’ demands for clean labeling. D.D. Williamson’s acid-proof, Caramelized Sugar Flavor is an innovative Natural Flavor that also has incidental coloring properties. “Because class one (plain) caramel colors and burnt sugars are not typically stable in acidic beverages, the new Natural Flavor represents a breakthrough for those seeking acid stability and a clean-label ingredient,” says Greg Kreder, product development scientist. The non-GM product provides the characteristic flavor of burnt sugar and offers stability in phosphoric acid, citric acid, alcohol and salt. Applications include beverages and sauces. D.D. Williamson,

Stevia Ingredient System
Since stevia was declared GRAS in 2008, the race has begun among food and beverage manufacturers and flavor companies to deliver a solution that solves flavor challenges associated with its use. They are investing in R&D, developing partnerships and combining resources to create compatible ingredients using the latest technologies. A contributor in this global effort is Ogawa Company, which recently released its own ingredient system, called Stevia Optimizer. A blend of proprietary natural ingredients (an FDA GRAS-approved natural flavor), derived from botanical extracts, it addresses flavor challenges, without affecting the flavor profile of other ingredients in the product. It performs well in a variety of applications. Ogawa Flavors and Fragrances, 510-233-0636,

Soy Stability
One Midwestern soy and oilseed company has a new product category that should make the transition to healthier, trans fat-free products easier. Asoyia ULTRA Low Linolenic Soybean Oils are the first in the ultra low-lin category. This specialty soy oil contains 1.5% or less linolenic acid content. Higher levels of linolenic acid cause oils to become rancid more quickly. Compared to other low-lin soy oils containing 3% linolenic acid, ULTRA Low Lin has the lowest linolenic acid content available in soy oil today, says the company, and it remains stable 2-3 times longer than commodity oils. Asoyia,

Fabulous Results
With many consumers looking to proactively maintain a healthy weight, the results of a recent study will come as welcome news to manufacturers eager to meet the demand for effective weight management products. Research confirms DSM’s Fabuless’ mode of action and adds to the growing body of evidence supporting the product’s clinically proven efficacy, says the supplier. The study investigated the effects of Fabuless on a group of men aged 20-59, with a healthy body mass index. Fabuless was shown to prolong food passage time from mouth to large intestine by 45 minutes, a statistically significant increase, demonstrating its potential to stimulate natural appetite control mechanisms. DSM Nutritional Products Inc., 973-257-8288, pf