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August 26 /Paris/Marketing Weekly News --  Fresh data on nutrition are presented in the report "Marketing Complementary Foods and Supplements in Burkina Faso, Madagascar, and Vietnam: Lessons Learned from the Nutridev Pogram." According to a study from Paris, France, "Sustainable approaches to improving infant and young child feeding are needed. The Nutridev program worked in Vietnam, Madagascar and Burkina Faso to test different strategies to improve complementary feeding using fortified products sold to families."

"To review the experiences of programs producing and marketing fortified complementary foods and to report on the feasibility of local production and marketing of fortified complementary foods to increase usage of high-quality foods among children of low-income families in a self-sustaining manner. Project documents, surveys of mothers, and production and sales reports were reviewed. Nutridev experience in Vietnam, Madagascar and Burkina Faso demonstrates that it is possible to produce affordable, high-quality complementary foods and supplements locally in developing countries. Strategies to make products readily available to the targeted population and to convince this population to consume them yielded mixed results, varying greatly based on the strategy utilized and the context in which it was implemented. In several contexts, the optimal approach appears to be strengthening the existing food distribution network to sell complementary foods and supplements, with the implementation of a temporary promotion and nutrition education network in partnership with local authorities (e.g., health services) to increase awareness among families about the fortified complementary food product and optimal feeding practices," wrote O. Bruyeron and colleagues.

The researchers concluded, "In urban areas, where the density of the population is high, design and implementation of specific networks very close to consumers seems to be a good way to combine economic sustainability and good consumption levels."

Bruyeron and colleagues published the results of their research in Food and Nutrition Bulletin ("Marketing Complementary Foods and Supplements in Burkina Faso, Madagascar, and Vietnam: Lessons Learned from the Nutridev Pogram." Food and Nutrition Bulletin, 2010;31(2 Suppl):S154-67).

For additional information, contact O. Bruyeron, Programme Nutridev, Gret, Campus du Jardin Tropical, 45 bis Avenue de la Belle Gabrielle, 94736 Nogent sur Marne, Paris, France.

From the August 27, 2010, Prepared Foods' Daily News
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