Pressure-treated Sorghum to Replace Gluten

September 9/Cork, Ireland/Technology Business Journal -- Per a study from Cork, Ireland, "In this study, the application of high-pressure processing of sorghum batters was investigated in order to evaluate the potential of pressure-treated sorghum as a gluten replacement in the production of sorghum breads. For this purpose, sorghum batters were treated at pressures from 200-600MPa at 20 A degrees C, and the microstructure was investigated using scanning electron microscopy."

"Furthermore, the rheological properties of the control and pressure-treated batters were determined. The results revealed weakening of the batter structure at pressures a parts per thousand currency sign300 MPa. Addition of a blocker of free thiol groups indicated that protein depolymerization played a role in this strength decrease. At pressures >300MPa, the batter consistency increased, mainly due to pressure-induced gelatinization of starch. Furthermore, freeze-dried sorghum batters treated at 200MPa (weakest batter) and at 600MPa (strongest batter) were added to a sorghum bread recipe, replacing 2 and 10% of untreated sorghum flour. The results showed a delayed staling for breads containing 2% of sorghum treated at 600 MPa. However, adding 10% resulted in a low specific volume and poor bread quality," wrote K.J.R. Vallons and colleagues, National University of Ireland.

The researchers concluded, "The quality of breads containing different amounts of sorghum treated at 200 MPa was not significantly different from the control bread."

Vallons and colleagues published the results of their research in European Food Research and Technology (High Pressure-treated Sorghum Flour as a Functional Ingredient in the Production of Sorghum Bread." European Food Research and Technology, 2010;231(5):711-717).

For additional information, contact E.K. Arendt, National University Ireland, University of College Cork, Dept. of Food & Nutrition Science, College Rd., Cork, Ireland.

From the September 20, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition