National Starch Food Innovation/Corn Products International’s white paper, “Novel Ingredient Solutions for Formulating Clear-Type Beverages,” highlights how advancements in ingredient science are enabling manufacturers to meet increasing consumer demand for health and wellness beverages. The beverage fortification boom is causing beverage manufacturers to ramp up their product innovation/reformulation efforts. For example, while traditional emulsifiers often create challenges in developing clear-type beverages with high oil loads, a high-efficiency emulsifier derived from quillaja (soapbark extract) is ideal, due to its low viscosity and ability to stabilize high oil loads (up to 50%), notes the company. These high-oil-load systems can be made without weighting agents, yet still produce stable, fine-particle-sized emulsions for greater efficiency, superior performance and cost-competitiveness. The white paper highlights key growth drivers in the beverage industry and reviews a novel emulsification solution for development of beverages. For a copy, visit National Starch’s website. National Starch Food Innovation/Corn Products International,