Almond Breeze

November 27/Sun Valley, Cal. -- New from Blue Diamond is a line of almond milk beverages in 11-fl.oz. re-closable aseptic packages. The new extension to Blue Diamond's Almond Breeze line includes three flavors: original, original unsweetened and vanilla unsweetened. The 11oz. screwtop packages are designed to offer the convenience desired by "grab-and-go" cold drink consumers.

The company reports that Almond Breeze addresses the growing demand for products perceived to offer health and wellness benefits. Blue Diamond almond milk is described as an all-natural alternative to soy and dairy milks; it contains no lactose, casein, gluten, peanuts, cholesterol, saturated fat, peanuts, eggs or monosodium glutamate. It is said to be lower in calories than dairy milk, and it appeals strongly to vegetarian, vegan, kosher-observant, gluten-sensitive and lactose-intolerant consumers.