Evol Burritos

February 19/Boulder, Col. -- Evol Foods announced two new product lines. The company also shared its plans to give the classic burrito line a makeover, with an added emphasis on organic ingredients, enhanced nutritional values and a refreshed packaging design.

New "Plus" Burritos with Guacamole
Evol's new line of Plus Burritos with Guacamole takes the frozen burrito experience to the next level by offering hot, delicious burritos with a side serving of cool, complementary guacamole. Continuing to honor Evol's food philosophy to "love what you eat," these all-natural burritos come with a guacamole packet inside for a premium eating experience. This is the first product in the natural/organic handheld category to offer a convenient, ready-to-eat guacamole packet made from Haas avocados. While the burrito is being warmed, the frozen guacamole packet can be defrosted by simply soaking it in a glass of water, showcasing Evol's continued innovation within the handheld burrito category. Plus will be available with the following flavor options: Gluten Free Chicken, Steak Fajita, Chicken Fajita and Veggie Fajita.

Gluten Free Goodness
Evol is now offering dairy-free Gluten Free Burritos for consumers with gluten and dairy allergies. These new burritos are made with a great tasting whole grain gluten-free tortilla that holds up in the freezer and microwave for the most premium eating experience. The new Gluten Free Chicken, Gluten Free Shredded Beef and Gluten Free Chicken Plus burrito options are stuffed with an authentic tomato & roasted corn salsa and the most premium flavors and spices, proving flavor does not have to be sacrificed when providing gluten-free options.

Evolved Classic Burrito Profile
Evol is dedicated to sourcing the best-tasting, highest-quality ingredients. As a result, Evol has been able to include more organic ingredients in its products. In 2013, 25% of Evol's total purchase of raw goods will be organic and two of the best-selling Evol Classic Burritos: Bean & Cheddar and Cilantro Lime Chicken are now being made with 80% and 70% organic ingredients.

In addition to a heavier focus on organic ingredients, Evol has also improved the nutritional profile of the Classic Burrito line by decreasing the size of these burritos from 8oz to 6oz portions. By focusing less on size and more on organic ingredients, Evol has decreased average calories per burrito by 21% and sodium has been reduced by 40%, offering a more nutritional and balanced meal for consumers.

The Classic Burrito will now have a lower price point with a suggested retail price of $2.49 to $2.99 per burrito.

As part of the Classic Burrito makeover, Evol took the opportunity to optimize its in-store presence and wrap its products with new packaging designs, utilizing vibrant background colors. Evol Classic Burritos are available nationwide at Kroger, King Soopers, Stop & Shop, Sprouts, Whole Foods Market and Raley's, as well as in select grocery stores.

"We're very excited about the introduction of these new products and the re-launch of our Classic Burrito product line" said COO and founder Phil Anson. "We believe our increased focus on organic ingredients and enhanced nutritional label is well aligned with what consumers want in their food as well as Evol's mission, vision and values."