An in vivo animal study, using GliSODin[r] from PL Thomas, looked at ischemia-reperfusion injury, which is caused by the restriction and reintroduction of blood flow. It can be a concern during surgery. The generation of oxygen-derived radicals is a major mechanism behind ischemia-reperfusion induced oxidative damage. The authors concluded, “The orally effective mixture of SOD and Gliadin (GliSODin) protects against oxidative DNA damage.” Pre-treatment with the new nutritional formula GliSODin inhibits oxidative DNA damage related to induced ischemia-reperfusion injury. The study falls on the heels of a 2004 paper, “Influence of an Orally Effective SOD on Hyperbaric, Oxygen-related Cell Damage,” published in Free Radical Research (38:9, pp. 927-932). PL Thomas & Co., 973-984-0900,,