Non-gelatin, CaroCare® tablet-grade beadlets contain 7.5% natural beta-carotene—derived from the naturally occurring organism, Blakeslea trispora —and use non-animal, naturally sourced excipients. The beadlets' performance matches that of their gelatin-based counterparts (in versions of 7.5% or 15% beta-carotene).

They possess excellent flow properties for easy handling, good particle size distribution for optimal dispersion and bioavailability, and resist high pressures, a characteristic important during tabletting. They are developed for use in single beta-carotene, multi-vitamin, antioxidant and mixed carotenoid tablets or two-piece, hard shell capsules.

Also offered are oil suspensions in various concentrations, crystals (96%) and a cold water soluble version. Beta-carotene is used in dairy, bakery, confectionery and beverage applications for its antioxidant properties, color and/or pro-vitamin A activity.

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