Wild Sweetness

A sweetener from the fresh juice of the wild Mexican agave plant contains oligofructose and polyfructose, and 70% to 76% fructose, a naturally occurring monosaccharide directly absorbed by the body to provide energy to the muscles, nerves and brain. Organic Agave Juice from Alfred L. Wolff has a strong sweetening power that harmonizes the sweet flavor of foods, has a neutral taste, and does not alter the flavor of the products. Alfred L. Wolff, Anita Bénech, abenech@alwolff.de, www.alwolff.com

Whey Not?

High Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) have been shown to improve protein synthesis and reduce catabolism at the muscle level. ProMyoGenâ„¢ 4023 is a whey protein hydrolysate with a low degree of hydrolysis. It is manufactured using Protient's exclusive process that results in 25% higher levels of BCAA than conventional whey products without any bitter flavors. PMG 4023 is recommended for aseptic, ready-to-drink and powdered beverage formulations or anywhere a higher concentration of BCAA is desired. Protient, Benoit Turpin, 973-459-2617, bturpin@protient.com, www.protient.com

Fiber Filled

A new dietary fiber was showcased in two bakery applications at the 2006 IFT Food Expo. Manufacturers can now improve their product labeling with TruBranâ„¢ Corn Bran from Grain Processing Corporation (GPC), which adds dietary fiber without affecting texture and flavor. GPC is a leading manufacturer of specialty starch products that add texture and stability to bakery, dairy, meat, sauce, snack and confectionery applications. Grain Processing Corporation, 563-264-4265, sales@grainprocessing.com, www.grainprocessing.comNS