Sweet Earth Natural Foods, Moss Landing, Calif., used Natural Products Expo West to debut a line of Functional Breakfast Burritos™ as well as a line of meatless Savory Grounds.™

Officials say the launches follow last year’s “best new product” win for Sweet Earth’s vegan Benevolent Bacon.™

Now, more than ever, shoppers are entering grocery stores specifically looking for naturally functional foods to address their health needs—whether that is improved digestion, heart health or weight loss. Sweet Earth CEO Kelly Swette sees this as a particularly exciting opportunity within the breakfast category. 


"When you look in the breakfast aisles, too much of what is available is reliant on sugar for flavor and lacking in key nutrients like protein and beneficial fiber,” says Swette. “The breakfast segment is getting a long overdue facelift and a shift to savory from sweet. I wanted to create products to start someone's day right—with their specific needs in mind. Sweet Earth has crafted a line of wholly Functional Breakfast Burritos™ to meet the health needs of today's modern families, including the first probiotic breakfast burrito for those interested in improved gut health and digestion.”

Sweet Earth is adding four new Functional Breakfast Burritos to its collection of award-winning entrée and breakfast burritos. Made from select superfood ingredients that are not only delicious, but inherently functional, Functional Breakfast Burritos provide on-the-go convenience and nutrition beyond compare. All high in protein and fiber, Functional Breakfast Burritos™ each contain specific vitamins, minerals, and key functional nutrients.

•Get Cultured!™: Get Cultured! is the world's first probiotic breakfast burrito and a wonderful source of probiotics and fiber. Made with heat-resistant probiotic strain Bacilius Coagulans GBI-30 6086, developed by Ganeden Biotech, Get Cultured contributes to better digestion and gut health. A clever play on words, this burrito also features a Korean-inspired blend of seasoned tofu, fermented red pepper, cabbage, edamame and fresh ginger.

•Protein Lover's™: With 20 grams of plant-based protein, this breakfast is for those who recognize the importance of protein intake in managing their weight and building muscle. A play on the widely-loved meat lover's pizza, this burrito features several of Sweet Earth's meatless Righteous Meats™ products, including Benevolent Bacon, new Tuscan Savory Grounds, as well as wholesome ingredients like quinoa, fire-roasted tomatoes, basil and cheddar cheese.

•Get Focused!™: The powerful combination of protein, fiber, magnesium, and 720mg of Omega-3 in this burrito provide lasting fuel to defog your morning brain. Scrambled eggs, smoked Gouda, kale, and Tuscan Savory Grounds make this comforting breakfast as delicious as it is nutritious.

•Lighten Up!™: Spinach, black eyed peas, red bell pepper, and seasoned tofu are all sautéed in a homemade salsa verde for a Mexican-inspired breakfast that clocks in at only 190 calories. Unlike other diet-friendly foods, this breakfast is high in protein and fiber to fight off food cravings all morning.

"There is a real food revolution occurring with the introduction of healthier versions of mainstays of the American cuisine that not only provide a better nutritional profile, but also the inclusion of functional ingredients that improve specific body functions," notes Michael T. Murray, N.D., co-author of The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods. "What is great about the new offerings from Sweet Earth Foods is that they not only hit this target, but do so with exceptional taste. Ultimately, the way to get more Americans to eat healthier is to make these healthier versions taste better than the unhealthy choice."

In addition to the new Functional Breakfast Burritos, Sweet Earth also used NatExpo West to showcase its new line of plant-based meats, Savory Grounds, which are pre-cooked, pre-seasoned and pre-sauced with fresh herbs, spices and vegetables. With three globally-inspired flavor profiles, Tuscan, Chipotle and BBQ, Savory Grounds are a protein-rich alternative to meat products that do not compromise on taste, texture or nutrition.

About Sweet Earth Natural Foods

Based in Monterey County, Calif., Sweet Earth Natural Foods is an award-winning and fast-growing health food innovator responsible for a wide range of natural products featuring deliciously nutritious Non-GMO Project verified farm-fresh ingredients. The company is owned by husband and wife Brian and Kelly Swette. Visit www.sweetearthfoods.com for more information.