Happy Tree, an innovator of the cold pressed/HPP maple water, expanded in June to Whole Foods Market's Pacific Northwest region, increasing the brand's presence to over 150 Whole Foods Market stores across five regions (Northeast, Southwest, Southern Pacific and Northern California). Happy Tree sales at Whole Foods Market have tripled since March, and Q2 2015 revenue for the brand has more than doubled over Q1 2015.

Happy Tree is redefining healthy hydration by offering uncompromising consumers the perfect all-day hydration beverage: revitalizing nutrients and hydrating electrolytes and great taste with half the calories and sugar of coconut water. In addition, Happy Tree is sustainably sourced from maple trees in the U.S. using only the best tasting and most nutrient-dense early-season maple water.

"Our rapid growth since we launched Happy Tree a little over a year ago has been driven by consumer demand, leading to increased velocity and distribution growth within leading natural and specialty food retailers such as Whole Foods Market and The Fresh Market," explains Ari Tolwin, Co-founder and CEO. "We are seeing significant repeat purchase by health-conscious consumers, who consistently tout Happy Tree's functional benefits, sustainable ecosystem, and delicious, low calorie taste as reasons for making Happy Tree their preferred hydration option."

To further build on the success of Happy Tree and offer consumers more variety, a new lemon flavor launched with Whole Foods Market Northeast Region in late June. Happy Tree maple water with lemon combines a fresh squeeze of organic lemon to complement maple water for a crisp and refreshing taste. The new maple water with lemon is offered in 16oz. bottles with the same suggested retail price of $4.99 as the original 16-ounce.