DairyChem Laboratories, Inc. announced its purchase of the formulas used to produce Ziegler dairy coagulators from DuPont Nutrition & Health. The purchase is limited to the product formulas and DairyChem will offer direct replacement products under its own brand. The purchase does not include the Ziegler trademark and the price has not been disclosed.

“We are delighted to expand our product offering to the dairy industry,” said Daniel Church, President of DairyChem. “And do not expect any interruption to occur in the supply of these coagulators.”

DairyChem Laboratories Inc. has been in the business of manufacturing natural dairy flavors for over 75 years. Headquartered in the heartland of America, our origins date back to our founder Dr. Leon Chumlea who developed a natural flavor for butter manufacturers. Dr. Chumlea cultured milk with selected lactic cultures to produce the unique flavor components that he extracted from the milk and then purified using steam distillation. Today, DairyChem continues to develop and produce natural dairy flavors in our modern manufacturing plant utilizing fermentation and our steam distillation process in addition to innovative new technologies including natural enzyme modification of milk, butter, and cheese. Our customer base has grown to include global food, nutritional, confectionary and beverage manufactures as well as traditional butter manufactures and dairy companies. Our products are sold and distributed throughout the world.