PGP International’s new 60% pea protein crisp gives food manufacturers with a competitive edge in a high demand market for foods that deliver energy-boosting protein, weight management and clean eating.

The pea protein crisps can be incorporated into a wide variety of products including cereals, snack bars, energy foods and confections. They are developed using PGP International's latest advanced extrusion technology, which ensures the 60% crisps contain high levels of protein and remain free from hexane, a neurotoxic petrochemical solvent. 

PGP finds that pea protein crisps offer numerous health benefits. They're gluten free, 100% vegan, kosher, and easily digested by the body to minimize bloating. Plus, they're hypoallergenic and perfect for those consumers intolerant to animal-based proteins or soy. Pea protein also has been clinically investigated and is proven to improve satiety between meals, because of the way in which it stimulates intestinal secretion of peptides which signal to the central nervous system food intake should be reduced. This makes them an excellent ingredient for weight management foods. Not only that, but they're high in BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), which help to maintain the body in a muscle-building state, something which is in high demand with weight lifting and fitness enthusiasts.

With health, fitness and wellness currently driving consumer demand, PGP International's natural, non-GMO pea protein crisps are a cost-effective ingredient for manufacturers of clean label food products. They can be used in both cold slab and baked bars; incorporated into clusters; or simply added to cereals and granola. Their high-protein, energy-boosting effects also make them an excellent ingredient for energy and nutrition foods. A light flavor also ensures that they're versatile enough to incorporate into confections and desserts.

PGP International, a division of ABF Ingredients, specializes in the production of specialty flour blends and extruded plant proteins. PGP’s dedication to advancing technology in this sector is what led company researchers to produce the 60% pea protein crisp—along with soy and rice protein crisps. However, it is the complex range of health benefits and versatility of pea protein crisps, that makes them such a sought-after and impressive product in a crowded and highly competitive food market.

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About PGP International Inc.

PGP International Inc. is part of ABF Ingredients and is headquartered in California with three manufacturing sites across the USA.  PGPI specializes in developing a wide range of extruded ingredients including cereal and protein crisps as well as an assortment of high quality rice based flours and blends.  

PGP International has Global Food Safety Certification through BRC, gluten free certification through GFCO and organic certification through QAI.  

ABF Ingredients is a division of Associated British Foods that focuses on high value ingredients for both food and non-food areas and comprises a range of ingredient companies which include AB Enzymes, ABITEC Corp., Ohly, PGP International and SPI Pharma.

The group has established strong market positions in cereal specialties, enzymes, esters, extruded ingredients, pharmaceuticals, specialty lipids, specialty powders, specialty flours, yeast extracts worldwide.