Roy Benin, President of ACE Bakery®, announced the launch of a major innovation in artisan baked goods, the ACE Bakery® Baguette Bagel.

“It was a short 24 years ago that ACE Bakery® first introduced the traditional French baguette to North America. Today, ACE Bakery® is excited to be the first to unveil a new baked goods innovation, the Baguette Bagel. This exciting new bagel innovation caters to those yearning for the ultimate in taste and convenience. All bagel lovers will want to try this delicious, new taste sensation,” said Mr. Benin.

ACE Bakery®, a major Toronto-based bakery founded in 1993, is best known for its traditional French Baguette, as well as a wide portfolio of artisan breads. Using only five simple ingredients, no preservatives, long fermentation periods, and stone-deck baking, the ACE Bakery® Baguette is a 14 hour process that yields a beautifully golden, crisp crust and a light, airy interior. The ACE Bakery® Baguette has long been a staple at the dinner table, but today, ACE Bakery® is pleased to bring its much beloved Baguette to the breakfast table with its newest creation.

The Baguette Bagel is baked on a stone-deck oven, just like ACE Bakery®’s world famous Baguette. It is made with flour, water, salt, yeast, and malted barley flour, and contains no sugar, unlike traditional bagels. The ACE Bakery® Baguette Bagel is now available in grocery stores across Canada, comes in a package of four and is available in two varieties, classic white and a version topped with a blend of black and white sesame seeds.