Meet popWich, a gelato sandwich - on a stick.

As with all things Popbar, first comes first - choose a pop from a variety of 40+ flavors. From there, 'make it a popWich' by adding two decadent, crunchy, double chocolate cookies. Last, but not least, dip and top with chocolate, crushed nuts, sprinkles, waffle cone, and more. Behold the creamy, crunchy, always sweet, sometimes salty popWich.

In 2010, gelato met the stick. It was a match made in dessert-heaven and popGelato was born. The new treat put Popbar on the foodie map for kids and adults. Since inception, hundreds of thousands of 'popaholics' around the globe have popped in for a tasty, fun, love-at-first-bite experience. 

For newbies, Popbar serves handcrafted, all natural gelato, sorbet, and yogurt pops. Flavors range from classics (Vanilla, Chocolate) to the more unique (Green Tea, Tiramisu, Passion Fruit). Customers can enjoy their pop as-is, or customize it to their liking. Premium dippings and toppings include dark, milk, and white chocolate, coconut, pistachios, waffle cone, caramel corn, and more!