TIC Gums has released U.S.-produced GuarNT® USA to its portfolio.  New GuarNT USA addresses two major FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) compliance hurdles associated with food safety: Foreign Supplier Verification Program and Preventive Controls.

Foreign Supplier Verification Program 

GuarNT USA is manufactured and warehoused in an SQF Level 3 Facility in Belcamp, Maryland. Due to the domestic nature of both the manufacturing and warehousing location, GuarNT USA avoids Foreign Supplier Verification Program requirements.

Preventive Controls

TIC Gums has implemented a proprietary Validated Kill Step as a preventive control which monitors and prevents identified hazards.

GuarNT USA is a highly versatile hydrocolloid that builds viscosity and controls water migration in a wide range of finished goods including ice cream, instant beverages, sauces, baked goods, fruit preparations and syrups. Because guar is considered a seed gum, derived from the seed of the guar plant, GuarNT USA abides by regularly used clean label parameters. TIC Gums currently has GuarNT USA 8/22 and GuarNT USA Flavor Free 5000 in inventory.

For applications looking to avoid the common “beany” or “grassy” off-notes in both flavor and odor, TIC Gums now offers GuarNT USA Flavor Free 5000. The Gum Gurus® at TIC Gums have identified these “off notes” are predominantly caused by the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) hexanal and hexanoic acid, among others. TIC Gums ensures a significant reduction of volatile compounds in GuarNT USA Flavor Free 5000 compared to standard guar gum.

“Although there is a continued focus on clean label initiatives in the food industry, there is still a call for manufacturers to produce great tasting products with consistent shelf stability,” says TIC Gums Food Scientist, Lauren Schleicher. “GuarNT USA Flavor Free 5000 allows developers to keep a simpler label declaration, while allowing their flavor system to shine through.” 

About TIC Gums

TIC Gums is a global leader in advanced texture and stabilization solutions for the food industry. Food and beverage companies rely on TIC Gums to improve the texture, stability, consistency, nutritional profile and shelf appeal of their products. Legendary customer service, high quality standards, and the unrivaled knowledge of our Gum Gurus have made TIC Gums the industry leader for more than 100 years.