NestFresh launched an expanded line of new pasture raised eggs alongside a line of hard cooked eggs. The brand introduced Pasture Raised Organic Eggs, Pasture Raised Non-GMO Eggs and Pasture Raised Soy Free Eggs, all available in either 12-count plastic or pulp cartons. Included in the hard cooked products launching are Hard Cooked Organic Eggs in a six-count pouch and Hard Cooked Cage Free Eggs in two-count, 12/2-count, six-count and eight-count packaging.

The newest additions to NestFresh’s complete line of products were designed to cater to consumers looking for a healthful way to enjoy the eggs they love from NestFresh with added convenience, for protein-packed snacking options or meal solutions. Both the Pasture Raised Eggs and the Hard Cooked Eggs are the ideal way for consumers to reap the benefits of the company’s sustainability and humane-treatment practices in a new and versatile way. Furthering the brand’s mission to bring shoppers the healthiest eggs from happy hens, NestFresh’s Pasture Raised Eggs have also become Certified Humane, and the company has increased its standards for humane animal care, including increasing the outdoor space at all farms to a minimum of 108 square feet per bird.

From the founding of NestFresh, the Colorado-based company has remained a favorite of locals. The addition of this hard cooked line and the expansion of the Pasture Raised line are important steps in continuing to establish NestFresh as a successful national egg producer, providing communities with fresher and healthier locally produced eggs. Regional farms produce and supply farm fresh eggs in a sustainable system and each farm is specially chosen with animal welfare, stewardship of the land and local production as a priority. The newest product is no exception, with NestFresh’s high quality standards shaping the production process. NestFresh has recently added a number of plants and offices nationwide.