Monster Energy kicked off the launch of its fitness-focused beverage, REIGN Total Body Fuel, by enlisting hundreds of New York's most physically fit men and women to reign over Time Square's busiest streets for a massive consumer march and sampling event.

Made for energizing consumers pre or post workout, REIGN Total Body Fuel helps refuel, refresh and recover featuring 300mg of natural caffeine with zero sugar, zero calories and zero artificial flavors or colors. REIGN Total Body Fuel contains more CO Q10, BCAA's and electrolytes than competitor products and is available in six energizing flavors:
• Razzle Berry: Dazzle your senses and indulge with a melody of sweet blueberry and tart raspberry.
• Carnival Candy: Flavors of light cotton candy with a dash of fun, celebrate the carnival without the calories.
• Peach Fizz: The bold and the bubbly, savor the flavors of succulent peach, with a hint of citrus, and a sparkly finish.
• Lemon HDZ: A new twist on a classic treat, Lemon HDZ brings sweet and tart flavors that will brighten your day.
• Melon Mania: Flavors of sweet summertime watermelon with a side of wild.
• Sour Apple: Where sweet meets sour, pucker up for a flavor that will tempt your taste buds.