Moody's Medicinals, Inc.™ a health and wellness innovator specializing in both cannabidiol ("CBD") and non-CBD health and wellness products has launched its first trailblazing line of high-quality products.

The company was created by Five Finger Death Punch's world-renowned lead vocalist, Ivan L. Moody. The company is ready to deliver a variety of CBD & non-CBD health and wellness naturally formulated products without sugars, alcohols and unnecessary additives.

Ivan Moody's personal experience with the holistic benefits of CBD fueled his inspiration to create his unique health and wellness product line. Taking CBD regularly helped him personally manage his symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, and OCD. Moreover, Ivan Moody introduced a daily CBD regimen to his mother, whereby she immediately displayed health improvements to her chronic conditions. Having tried multiple CBD products, Moody quickly realized a discrepancy in the ingredients, quality, and potency and thus the overall effect of the product. Moody's Medicinals are formulated to ensure consistency and quality.