Real beauty comes from within. This is nothing new, yet more topical than ever as breakthrough scientific discoveries now take it to another level. Genome research and epigenetics have led to the understanding that certain plant ingredients have anti-aging properties and beneficial effects on skin and hair—all coming from within. 

These discoveries provide new impetus for the nutritional supplement market and a new generation of beauty food. They have great market potential according to Innova Market Insights, and SternLife has developed products for this segment that brands can use to expand their portfolios.

For a long time, nutritional supplements for youthful skin and healthy hair consisted of micronutrients such as vitamin C, biotin and zinc. With epigenetics and the decoding of DNA, plant substances have become the focus of attention. These substances include polyphenols in green tea; phytonutrients in kale, chard and broccoli; and special chemicals in spices such as ginger and turmeric. 

For its new beauty concepts, SternLife also uses wheat and millet extract, collagen, hibiscus and melon extract. 

“Thanks to epigenetics we now know that outside influences like nutrition, stress, emotions and environmental factors affect the body much more than previously thought,” says Development Director Antje Wetzel. “It is also now known that certain plant substances assist the body’s protective mechanisms, resulting among other things in firmer skin and healthy hair.”

Beauty powder for lovely skin and healthy hair

Hibiscus is one of those plant beauty extracts. This natural anti-aging substance has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It helps skin staying elastic, and relaxes the facial musculature. 

SternLife uses hibiscus in combination with collagen or wheat extract in its anti-skin-aging products. 

“Collagen is the most important structural material in the skin, and is known to decrease with age. Various kinds of environmental influences aggravate this process,” says Wetzel. “With a special collagen peptide, our new product contributes to firmer, smoother skin with fewer wrinkles.” 

The plant-based alternative to this is wheat extract, which SternLife uses in a pure, gluten-free form. It contains a high concentration of phytoceramides, which restore the skin’s natural protective barrier and so minimize wrinkle formation.

Sunshine might be balm for the soul, but it’s poison for the skin. Melon extract is an active antidote. The SternLife “Sunscreen From Within” product uses this yellow extract to strengthen the skin’s own UV protection and protect the skin from oxidation stress and inflammation. 

SternLife uses millet extract and vital mushrooms for healthy, beautiful hair. The millet extract strengthens hair roots and gives individual strands greater stability and volume, and the reishi and cordyceps mushrooms have anti-aging effects. Cordyceps helps to protect against hair loss, boosts cell protection and is known for many other beneficial properties. Reishi has antioxidative effects. Both long have been used in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Helping shape a growth market

Sternlife’s three new “Beauty From Within” products are offered as powders in distinctive colors. Pink stands for beautiful skin, yellow for sunscreen from within and green for healthy, strong hair. 

The powders dissolve easily in water, and can be marketed as beauty drinks. This gives brands and retailers opportunities for added revenue growth. According to market experts, the “Beauty From Within” trend has just started, and will grow substantially in the coming years as beauty is seen more and more as personal currency. Beauty products that meet the trend are showing very positive growth around the world. 

In Japan almost one-quarter of new nutritional supplement launches are for beauty, and in the US the category is growing by a good 11% annually. Care creams remain popular, but nutritional supplements for beauty are in the fast lane. Products with activating beauty substances are no longer offered only as lozenges or capsules, but also as gummi bears, shots and shakes. The three new powder products from SternLife make it possible to bring further individual ideas to market.

About SternLife

SternLife GmbH & Co. KG develops and manufactures functional nutrition and nutritional supplement products. The portfolio ranges from powders, functional bars and snacks to capsules and tablets. Major and retailer brands alike benefit from the company’s comprehensive expertise in innovative health, sport and lifestyle nutrition, and from product lines focused on target group needs. 

SternLife is a subsidiary of the independent, owner-operated Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, one of the world's most successful international suppliers of food & feed ingredients. In developing new products, SternLife’s functional food experts have access to all the specialist expertise of 11 sister companies and some 100 R&D specialists, as well as the extensive applications technology of the Stern-Technology Center. SternLife products are manufactured in the Group’s own advanced facilities at locations in Germany.

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