Trendincite LLC announces new updates to the company’s website to enhance the overall user experience. Tidbits, Trendincite’s newsletter, is now Trend Articles and Amy Marks-McGee’s Trendincite Xchange blog is now Personal Musings. Both sections have been redesigned to be visually appealing and easily searchable. 

The Trend Articles are categorized into five simple trend subjects: Design & Packaging, Fragrance & Flavor, Health & Wellness, Ingredients, and Lifestyle trends. Personal Musings is in informal place for Amy Marks-McGee to share personal experiences. In addition to the website’s updated aesthetics and functionality, Trendincite LLC is offering a downloadable Top 5 2020 Trends & Beyond report.

“We are thrilled with the updated content and added functionality. The Trend Articles and Personal Musings are aesthetically pleasing, easily searchable, engaging, and packed with content," says Amy Marks-McGee, Trendincite LLC founder.