In times of stress (and stress eating), and with immunity foremost in consumers’ minds, developers of better-for-you foods and beverages turn to ingredients that help keep the body on an even keel, while providing flavorful comfort. This Prepared Foods infographic explains how the natural, science-backed carbohydrate isomaltulose can be a key ingredient product makers employ to contribute to balanced energy release. Isomaltulose works to help keep mind and body operating more smoothly, while supporting preventive health. As a low-glycemic, non-cariogenic 1:1 replacement for sucrose, at half the sweetness, it perfectly suits consumers’ needs to maintain healthier lifestyles.


BENEO’s business is about contributing to good nutrition, with the ultimate goal to keep people healthy. We are fully aware of the responsibility this entails and use all our expertise to ensure our products and services enable the food industry to develop even better human and animal nutrition. Alongside our expertise, our global organisational structure allows us to comprehensively support our customers—wherever they are located in the world.

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