Hi, folks. Welcome back to Research Reduction, your online collection of research crib notes.

I'm not one to diet. A dear of aunt of mine once told me that I look like the Crypt Keeper in a leather belt and loafers. That comment had me looking in the mirror at a body I had never acknowledged before. And what did I see? You might call it, the inspiration for the Oxford University Press to adopt the word "frailty" into the English language. Essentially, I have a AAA battery for a torso and twist-ties for arms and legs. All this said, my feeble frame is not at issue.
In fact, I’m diving into a subject with a little more, ahem, substance.

Today, I am pressing into the Prepared Foods library and pulling a relief of research for diet news, trends and studies. I could mention that this is the time of year that much of the eating faithful consider dieting, but I won’t. I won’t because it’s untrue.
That temporary psychosis won’t wash over us until the New Year.

And now, your weekly reduction...

Tastes normally alert the body to expect calories. When those calories aren't present, the systems become confused and one of the body's mechanisms to control food intake can become ineffective

Research shows it may someday be possible to prevent the development of breast cancer in daughters of women at risk for breast cancer by supplementing the mother’s diet during pregnancy

New studies found that sperm quality was higher among men who ate a typical Mediterranean diet -- more fresh fish, fruit and vegetables -- and less junk food or red meat

A study suggests that sticking to a vegetarian diet can help kidney disease patients avoid accumulating toxic levels of phosphorous in their bodies

Brown rice is unpolished rice with immeasurable benefits for human health. Brown rice (BR) and pre-germinated brown rice (PGBR) are known to contain various functional compounds such as gamma-oryzanol, dietary fibre and gamma-aminobutyric acid

Optimizing Taste, Sweetness and Mouthfeel in Reduced Calorie Beverages. A Technical/Solutions Presentation...