I've said this before and I will say it again: I'm so happy cheese is in the world. And as for sauces and bases with cheese in them? All the better. I am, at this moment, arrested by an image of fondue. I'm sitting on my knees around a low, square coffee table. My cousin is there as is my high school chemistry professor for some reason. And of course, to my right is my childhood friend and current neighbor Sherwood Day. Gosh, why does he have to be in this fondue fantasy? Forever infiltrated by the likes of this pest!

At any rate, we're kneeling on shag carpet around this table, upon which two fondue pots rest in nested stands. One has oil and at its base is a plate of cheeses, cheddar, gouda, camembert. The other pot contains melted brie, and a nearby plate of torn peasant loaf begs to be forked and dunked. And here is where worlds collide in a supernova of cheesy, saucy, base-y delight. Cheese into an oil base and bread (anything really) into a melted cheesy base. Yipes! I should have leashed my mind because now it is lost in the alleys of a city so foreign it may as well be carved into a rolling side of Apophis.

The daydream would be complete if only Sherwood Day would not demand that all fondue parties be set to his favorite album, The Best of Bread.


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