How many times can we read about breakfast being the most important meal of the day? I'm hoping you have at least one more time in you. It's so good for you! Fruits and proteins, grains and carbohydrates! Goodness all around! The bright minds in the food processing community have come up with all sorts of creative ways to get all of those good things into breakfast foods, usually in the form of something we can toss into a backpack and consume during a commute. Hats off! Packing vitamins and minerals into smaller and smaller products is nothing short of magic. Well, perhaps a bit short, but not by far! Let's face it, magic is really one of the most incredible acts in which human beings can engage. The hat, the scarf, the playing cards, it's just all wonderful.

Does anyone remember Doug Henning? Let's put it this way, Doug Henning? Top ten human beings ever. Top seven.


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Articles concerning Breakfast, Cereals & Bars in food product development and formulation.

Several studies have looked specifically at the role of whole egg consumption in high-risk groups, including those with metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

Kashi has introduced Kashi GOLEAN Vanilla Graham Clusters cereal.

Taco Bell has figured out yet another way to make a taco: squish it in a waffle.

Eating a protein-rich breakfast reduces daily hunger, increases daily fullness, improves morning blood sugar control, and, perhaps most importantly, leads to less, latter-day snacking thus reducing calories from fat and sugar.

Post Holdings Inc. has agreed to buy the branded and private label cereal, granola and snacks businesses of Hearthside Food Solutions.

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