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Christian Sweeney
Vice President of Science & Technology
Cannabistry Labs

With a background in Chemistry and Food Science, Christian has focused his career on the extraction and utilization of natural ingredients for both their bioactive and organoleptic properties. From researching anthocyanins in fruits and vegetables, to developing cutting-edge processes for natural extraction of coffee, tea, and hops his driving focus has been to maintain the nutritive and sensorial attributes of horticultural products while converting them into usable ingredients. For the last four years, he has brought his experience to the cannabis industry as a part of Cannabistry, one of the leading cannabis research & development organizations in the nation. There he leads a multifunctional team focused on cannabinoid analytics, extraction technologies, and cannabinoid delivery as Vice President of Science & Technology. Additionally, Christian has strived to improve the Cannabis industry at large through his involvement in the AOAC Expert Review Panel, ASTM D37 Subcommittee, and the Colorado Dept. of Revenue Science & Policy Working Group on Cannabis. her in-depth industry knowledge in analytics, and consumer insights for the cannabis industry.