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Jessica Lukas
Chief Commercial Officer


Jessica Lukas is the Chief Commercial Officer at BDSA, the premiere market research firm serving the global cannabinoid industry. Jessica is one of the most sought-after market research experts serving the cannabis market, priding herself in making data come to life with storytelling and actionable insights. Together with her team, she works with manufacturers, retailers, and investors to deliver unmatched insights and analytics to drive their businesses forward. Prior to joining BDSA and the wild world of cannabis data, Jessica Lukas spent over 10 years working with and for top global CPG and beverage alcohol companies in insights, analytics, and marketing leadership roles.



Market Outlook and Retail Sales Performance for Cannabis-Infused Foods & Beverages

Join BDSA’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jessica Lukas, for a session covering the current state of the U.S. legal cannabis food and beverage market, interesting market trends, and unique insights, and expectations for 2022.

Key takeaways:

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