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Two Perspectives: Leveraging Health & Well-Being Trends to Deliver on Clear Food Philosophies

9/12/22 9:45 am to 9/12/23 9:45 am EDT
Contact: Meg M.

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It’s clear consumers want globally-inspired, plant-forward, sustainable foods and beverages. Sounds simple enough, and yet, dichotomies exist including clean label vs. climate label or all-natural vs. synthetic biology, to name a few. Hear Dr. Rachel Cheatham, Founder of Foodscape, examine top Foodscape Metatrends™ and unravel the inherent conundrums with a focus on delivering authentic nutrition that meets consumer demands.

Even in the face of strong trends, many food companies struggle to evolve their brands and innovation strategy. Yet it’s rarely because of a lack of ideas. Rather, most grapple with a lack of good choices and prioritization. In this second talk, Icelandic Provisions Director of Innovation Anne-Laure Bajeux discusses the importance of a clear food philosophy to guide R&D—and how that approach drives innovation.

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