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Andy Dratt
Chief Commercial Officer


Andy Dratt, Chief Commercial Officer at Imbibe, has a passion for food and beverage innovation. Constantly seeking out the latest technology to help brand owners bring new products to market, Andy works with a range of companies to bring cutting-edge products to market. During his time at Imbibe, he has been able to bolster the company’s growth by reimagining and implementing a new business model while incorporating a strategic vision that is both modern and sustainable. He leverages over 20 years of experience guiding CPG and foodservice operators to conceptualize, develop and launch new products to market in the US, Latin America, and Europe. Dratt has a knack for helping customers identify and exploit the “sweet spot” between consumer needs, business wants and product realities and frequently delivers his expert insights at industry events.


Innovative, Better for You Beverages: What's Next?

There’s no more fluid, dynamic market than beverages, which showcase nearly every imaginable trend. What tastes, trends and topics dominated 2022—and what’s likely to influence new products in 2023? One expert with a broad and first-hand perspective is Chicago’s Imbibe Inc., a third-party consultant and product developer. Come hear Andy Dratt, Imbibe’s Chief Commercial Officer, lead a panel discussion exploring all angles of new, better-for-your beverages. Listen and learn as Dratt interviews....