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Anne-Laure Bajeux

Anne-Laure Bajeux
Director of Innovation
Icelandic Provisions


Anne-Laure Bajeux is a strategic innovator with nearly 15 years of experience in the consumer food industry throughout France and the US. She has worked for Fortune 500 international companies as well as disruptive start-ups. Anne-Laure joined Icelandic Provisions (IP) as Director of Innovation in 2018, leading the strategy and vision for the brand’s expansion into being a full Provisions company. In her role at IP, Anne Laure concepted and launched two new ranges of the company’s cornerstone product skyr, both of which won World Dairy Innovation Awards. Before joining IP, Anne-Laure held various innovation roles at Sabra, building out the company’s expansion into guacamole. Prior to that she served in foundational marketing, business management and innovation functions at Danone, Laughing Cow and Mondelez.
Born on a family farm in rural France, Anne-Laure was raised as an advocate for simple, high-quality food and loves building products that positively impact the health and wellness of people and the world community at large. She brings this integrity to everything she does at Icelandic Provisions, where the food philosophy is rooted in the Nordic food movement based on the pillars of simplicity, nutrition and enlightening taste.


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