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Mario DiFalco

Dag Falck
Organic Program Lead,
Nature’s Path

Dag Falck has worked tirelessly in progressing the organic movement for the past three decades.

Since joining Nature’s Path Foods in 2003, Dag has had the opportunity to work within all aspects of the organic movement, including regulations, enforcement, supply chain integrity and customer expectations. Prior to joining Nature’s Path, he worked as an organic inspector for 14 years, auditing all types of farms and processing facilities.

Dag also currently oversees the operations of Legend Organic Farm (LOF) in Saskatchewan Canada, which produces ingredients for Nature’s Path products. The grain farm helped pioneer the Regenerative Organic Certification program (ROC) and is currently ROC certified at the Silver level.

Dag is the Co-Chair of the Carbon Sequestration in Organic Task Force, the past president of COTA (Canada Organic Trade Association), and has served on numerous boards and committees including the Organic Trade Association, the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada, and the International Organic Inspectors Association.

Dag recognizes our times are filled with challenges that threaten our very existence. His overriding belief is that organic agricultural practices are the most important way to regenerate our essential resources of land used for food production.