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David Jago

David Jago
Principal Consultant

David has worked in Consumer Packaged Goods for more than 30 years, focused mainly on innovation and new product development.
He is currently Principal Consultant with Mintel’s Consulting team based in London, and works with clients including manufacturers, retailers and industry suppliers. His previous role was Director of Innovation & Insight at Mintel.
He has been a regular industry speaker and commentator and (until recently!) spent a large part of his time on-site with clients delivering landscape and opportunity insight, or running innovation and ideation workshops.


A Look in Our Crystal Ball: Three Trends That Will Define the Future of Food

While it’s tempting to offer a few out-there predictions and leave it at that (flying cars! Space colonization!), this presentation will take a somewhat different approach. Mintel has identified three major trends that will help define the future of food: health, ethics, and technology. We’ll identify a few concepts that may or may not happen someday in the future, then focus our attention on where we are today: What are companies doing? What will consumers accept? What are the early signals of what that future might look like?