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David Jago

David Jago
Director of Innovation & Insight

With over 30 years of experience in tracking and analysing new products, David offers a unique perspective on the marketplace, trends and future new product development. Having joined Mintel in the 1980s, David’s background is in marketing and market research, but his career has covered a number of roles including account management, research and consultancy.

For the last several years, David has focused on innovation and new product development within the context of market and consumer insight for Mintel, working with multinational manufacturers, leading retailers as well as ingredient and packaging suppliers. In addition to dozens of on-site presentations every year, David regularly runs innovation workshops, drawing on Mintel’s expertise in innovation and consumer research to identify opportunities and bringing ideation sessions to life with physical examples of innovative concepts sourced via Mintel’s Field Services team. He was also instrumental in developing Mintel’s flagship Global New Products Database and remains involved in its ongoing evolution.