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Ed Collins

Ed Collins
Director, Product and Process Development
The National Food Lab

Ed Collins is the Director of Product and Process Development for the National Food Lab, Inc. (NFL). In this role he works with clients to design studies and develop products across food, beverages, supplements, and exploring ingredient technology. This includes studies working closely with the consumer research team to understand consumer perception of new products and concepts to help focus development. Ed joined the NFL in 2005 and is now responsible for Business Development across the three product and process development sites of Ithaca, NY, Livermore, CA, and Naples Fl. Previously, Ed led new product and process development activities for Ingredion’s instant starch products, working directly with clients to identify performance requirements and developing new products to fit them. He began his career working on sugar reduction with General Foods and moved to strategic research, evaluating new process technologies for products in the Kraft General Foods portfolio.